Sabre 3-In-1 Key Fob Stun Gun - Gray Finish

Your one stop extreme self defense weapon. Stun gun, LED flashlight and piercing alarm in one deceiving design!
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Sabre 3-In-1 Key Fob Stun Gun - Gray Finish



  • Sabre the brand you trust
  • Discreet "key fob" design
  • Extreme stopping power
  • Bright 70 Lumen LED flashlight
  • Piercing 115 dB alarm
  • Safety Switch to prevent accidental discharge
  • Rechargeable battery included
  • Subtle gray finish
  • UPC: 023063808321

Easily knock down your attacker with this powerful Sabre stun gun! Designed to replicate the look of an ordinary key fob, this discreet yet powerful multi tool can deliver a painful 1.154 uC of pain in an instant. With a bright 70 lumens and a shrill 115 dB alarm you will terrify your opponent and alert anyone near that you're in need of assistance. Includes a safety switch to prevent accidental discharge and a rechargeable battery.

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